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I wanted to fill everyone in that our house is on the market for real now! And if you dearly want to live in Savannah, then we will sell it to you :) -- here is one of our listings. Although it has been on the market for only 2 days now, we've already had 1 showing with great feedback. The only reason they are not putting an offer on the house is... they have to sell their house first. Stupid! Why do people bother at looking at house if they are not already in contract on their home? Doesn't that seem like a waste of time for the people actually selling their house? That's my beef for today; next up are two kits from Catch the Moments Kits! These are both lines from Basic Grey, and they are just so, so, so cute!! I love Hello Luscious!! I can totally see me using that paper for summer time pictures, spring, birthdays, and anything that's just plain yummy to scrap about! The kit alone is $16 or you can get the kit and add-ons (whole set) for $21, yay! Life of the Party is not only great for party pictures, but playground photos, summertime pictures, water fun, boys, cards, girls and really anything in general. One thing I love about Basic Grey is that their prints are not really THEMEY! I love that about them! You can get the whole set of this kit for $17.50; what a steal!

So check out Catch the Moments Kits for the cheapest and cutest kits on the block :)

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Keshet said...

Good luck with selling the house!