{weekend wrap up}

Let me sum up this weekend for you in a complex sentence. Gavin and I watched Transformers Dark Side of the Moon; then we studied the rest of the weekend, but I did take a time out from studying to get my hair cut and to scrapbook a little, and I even took photos of my *new* scrapbook room.

Haha, that's the longest sentence really.... :)

Well I mentioned that I took pictures of my *new* scrap room, and I did. It was the formal dining room, but then I told Gavin that it was pointless and a waste of GREAT space and light, and that it MUST be my scraproom, so it is yay!

It's been my scapbook room officially since August, but who cares? I'm just glad to have such a large space. I haven't uploaded the pictures online, but I will this evening after I'm done taking my test before I pick up Harper girl from her Lita's house.

Despite all the hours spent studying for my 3 (yes, 3) upcoming exams; we still managed to have some fun fitting in a couple of flicks with Harper a two hour trip to Stonebriar mall in Frisco, and last nights episode of Boardwalk Empire. I love that show *squeel*.

We also produced a short film (it's 24 seconds long) of the Birthday Song to my very good friend Robin!!

And I'll share that with you now!
Enjoy the rest of today and enjoy this short clip of Harper and her mommy ;)

With Love,
Gabi Watson


Keshet said...

Can't see the video but enjoy your new space!

Gabrielle said...

Oh darn, well it is a facebook video, so maybe if you log in you might be able to see it. I didn't know how to transpose it from FB to youtube :( Oh well.