{eventful 4 months}

It is really crazy to think that the last time I posted on my blog was back in January.  Oh so many thing have happened during that timespan:

On January 14, 2012 my Poppy Maurice lost his battle with cancer.  It was hard on our family to see him go, but we were glad that his suffering was over.  His wife, my grandmother Patricia had passed away October 30, 2011, so we were glad that they were to be reunited in Heaven.

We found out shortly thereafter that we are having a little boy :) Sawyer James Watson will make his debut sometime in June.

On February 15, 2012 I turned the bold age of 26.  I have entered my late twenties, and I feel so blessed despite some of the trials and tribulations of this past year. For my birthday, my family gave me my grandparent's car, and it has been such a blessing on the highway each and everyday.  It is so nice to have room in the backseat for not 1 but 2 car seats, and to have a place for groceries in the hatch! You have no idea :)

We put our house up for sale in March, and it is currently in contract!! We are so ecstatic about this.  At first we were extremely worried that we would not be able to find a place in time for our family to relocate to especially with me about to give birth in just a few short weeks, but we've managed to put a contract in on my grandparent's home, which is a beautiful house in Denton.  We are very excited to start a new chapter in our lives at this home that was so loved by my grandparents and family members.  Gavin and I had our wedding rehearsal dinner there, many birthdays, my baby shower for Harper, and several holidays.  We are so glad to keep it in the family, and I hope that we can keep up those traditions of hosting family events in our new home.

Gavin participated in the Warrior Dash in April.  It was his first 5K in a really long time, and he did amazing considering he was sick and couldn't prepare for the dash.  Also did I mention that it is a 5K plus obstacle course complete with crawling through mud, swimming, climbing over 12 ft walls, and leaping over fire amongst other things!  There was a huge turnout at this event, and my sister and I hung out in the VERY hot, hot, heat without shade or sunscreen. Needless to say, I ended up with a VERY bad first degree burn on my legs nd body that endured for 2 weeks and it is still peeling!!  Also I have a wicked awesome tan line across my tummy, legs, ankles, arms, chest, neck, and love handles. Yeah, it look a little fried in these parts; definitely not swimsuit friendly tan lines :)

Harper had a wondermous splash birthday party April 29, 2012.  She turned the bright bold age of 3, and she is growing up so fast!! She speaks so well now and loves to have full blown conversations in the car with mommy and daddy after preschool each day.  She is over the moon about being a big sister and helper, and she absolutely loves playing dress up, make believe play with her little figurines, and she loves watching Disney movies and Anne of Green Gables with her mommy.  She is the apple of my eye!!

Last weekend, I had my Little Gentleman baby shower for Sawyer, and it was a big hit! We had a mustache photo booth session, and that was just too much fun.  My aunts, cousin, and my mom coordinated everything, and they did such a fantastic job! Someone should hire them for real!!

Also that same day, Gavin, Harper, and I had our family portraits/maternity photo shoot session.  It was SOOO hot outside, but the pictures turned out amazing, and we were so glad to use the talents of my lovely, young cousin Kristin and her hobby/business Greenglass Photography.  She was professional and did such an amazing job!!

I am graduating from UNT this Friday Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in Psychology.  I am uber thrilled about this as it has been a long time coming :)  Also, I start grad school in August for a Master of Science in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Family Studies and Parent Education.

This month I will also study for and take the GRE so that my graduate admissions can be fully processed, and we are also moving into our new home.  We close May 31st on both houses. 

After that we will gear up big time for Sawyer's big debut.  He's due June 27th, but we have a feeling he may come a little early. I've been having some overwhelming contractions lately, so you never know.  I'm 33 weeks today, so in 3 more weeks, I'll be ready and raring :)

Well that's all for now folks. I hope that you have a swell day and tomorrow I will share some pictures with you from my baby shower :)

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

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Keshet said...

Wow, so many wonderful things going on in your life! Congrats on your upcoming little boy, love his name:) And welcome to 26--it's been a good age to me so far! Wishing you the best with school and the move, and looking forward to a home tour I hope! I just love seeing how people do up new houses:)