{resolutions TBD}

Since my resolutions are still TBD and my one little word for this year is on hold for a moment. I feel so frazzled with my brain lately with all the planning that I want to do, planning I need to do and school about to start again in a week. I've had so little time for me to think about me... and my resolutions and plans for this year and the years to come.

Gavin and I are about to take some big steps hopefully in the right direction. We are going to put the house on the market once again. We are having another bundle of joy in early summer, and we are going to hopefully buy another preowned home once we get our house sold. These are the goals for this year. Some may or may not happen, but God does not give obstacles that we can't overcome, and he only has 3 answers... Yes, Not Yet, and I have something better in mind. I'm taking this to heart right now.

But until then... I'll share what I have started back up again, couponing... yes. It's going to happen all year long, every week, and I'm going to be a coupon machine because well friends, when I don't use coupons I spend about $575 a month on groceries. When I do use them I spend about $250 a month. My goal is to spend about $240-260 each month on groceries which includes extra items here and there.

So today I'm going to share with you two wonderful blogs that I follow. They help me to stay on track and these are the pharmacy savings for this week that they've shared!!

Please enjoy these savings from Money Saving Mom:


Please enjoy these savings from Moms By Heart:


Good luck to you with your resolutions and resolve to a little thrifty this year with these tools!!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

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Casey Wright said...

Thanks for sharing these websites Super Helpful! Happy New year!