Scrapbooking: a seasonally lost and forgotten tradition.

As you know I am an avid scrapbooker, but each semester my creativity dwindles as does the time I can devote to my favorite hobby (or craft, as in magic spells and all that, just kidding). I'm also really money conscious, so I don't allow myself to buy paper, tools, ribbons, ink, cardstock, cut files...anything, except for a couple of times per year, and I have a very strict budget (that I mostly stick too).

For Great American Scrapbook Convention, I bring $60 cash, and I dare myself to use it all up. I only attend one day (Saturday), and I usually volunteer to help teachers with their classes. Last year I got to help Donna Downey, yes of Donna Downey Studios.  Squee, I know; it was awesomesauce! I love meeting scrapbook celebrities. AND, I usually bring about $25-40 cash when I attend scrapbook retreats 1-2 times per year. My favorite place to stay is Memory Lane Inn at Tyler or McKinney, TX.

Gone are the days when I splurged on $40 of scrapbook goodies each month.  I stopped buying when I realized that I wasn't creating.  I didn't feel a surge of creativity or zest for it, and I felt guilty for not getting Sawyer's baby book done like I did for his big sister, Harper. I blame graduate school, seasonal depression (that is, the season of school), lack of creative motivation, exhaustion, and not enough hours in the day.

Now that it's finally humid season (and school is out), I am ready to be creative.  To get my juices flowing, while cutting the clutter, I am going to participate in a swell Use It or Lose It Paper Stash Challenge; it's a crazy, cute idea from my blog friend Monica. Monica is wonderful; I've know her since the days of Scrap Freak (an online scrapbook shop and community). A  Texas native, now living in Colorado, she has a delightful blog and sells very cool candles and housewares. Check out her Etsy: Once Upon a Hive.

Now I've done stash buster challenges before, as well as given away stuff in big boxes, sold some at garage sales, and I've even sold some online; now that my stash is paired down, I would like to get to scrapping. Join me in this challenge if I can. I'm going to reorganize all my papers by manufacturer, take pictures, then draw a name to work with, and take more pictures, then scrapbook.

What a stinking, awesome idea, right?! See below for pictures of Monica's first paper stash challenge:
Monica : Once Upon a Hive
Monica : Once Upon a Hive
Monica : Once Upon a Hive
Monica : Once Upon a Hive
Monica : Once Upon a Hive

Wonderful, just wonderful, and I am REALLY looking forward to it. Next week, I have plans to tell you about the Scrapbook Grand Dragon (as Gavin) refers to it. It should be an interesting tale and a small bit of gossip, as well as show you pictures of my first stash bust. Oh, I simply cannot wait!



stefani said...

A way to organize and scrap at the same time. I like it! :-)

I really like the wooden crate used to store all the paper. I need to find me something like that.

Gabrielle Watson said...

Monica did a great job of organizing all her paper. I need to get some stickies to label mine. In my scraproom, I keep most of mine organized in a accordian bag or I keep them on my shelves in display dynamics. For my challenge I will probably keep them in those, but I'm definitely going to label them like Monica's. BTW, I've seen crates like that at Walmart for $8.97 recently. I almost bought one for a party the other day.
I've also seen them at Joann's too.

Monica said...

Thank you!!!
Found my crate at michaels it was $5 with a 50% off coupon.