Welcome to the new me.

Now that this semester is finally over, I can spend a little more time being creative! I am so, so looking forward to spending time blogging (at least on a weekly basis, pretty sure I can keep that much up), scrapbooking, playing with the kids, reading for pleasure, cooking and eating, and well taking some pictures and finishing up some edits.

This semester was a busy one. I'll go into more details later, but for now, just enjoy the BRAND, SPANKING new blog design from Minty Fox Designs. She has such a simple, colorful style, and well, I love it. I especially love that I have 'pages' now, like for my Smug Mug photo gallery, and I have social media icons! I feel so cool now, yippee.

 BIG thanks to Chrissy!

As always...

With Love,

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