Ok...Swagbucks and other cheap stuff!

I'm changing things up a bit. I'm trying something new out. The last few weekends I've been a couponing fool, and I've been saving my family lots of money, but turning those coupons and time spent cutting into really CHEAP deals and even some FREE steals!

I'm doing more stuff online to make money as well like Swagbucks, E-Rewards, and Viewpoints.

If you are interested in earning points towards gift cards to stores like Amazon, Express, Macy's, Old Navy, etc feel free to email me at coupongabi at yahoo dot com, and I will give you the lowdown.

Swagbucks is super easy, just sign up here. Once you're signed up just use the Swagbucks search engine (powered by Ask.com and Google.com) instead of other search engines that you were normally use. I search for random stuff throughout every day, and I've made up to 125 bucks just in the last couple of weeks. It's great, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants a few more freebies in their life!

Also when you are sign up put me as your referral, and you'll be helping me earn a little as well :) - coupongabi

I hope all of ya'll jump on this bandwagon for free swag!


The Hartfield Files said...

Is it really Legit?

Gabi said...

Yes Ma'am. Alot of couponers use Swagbucks, and I get points alomst every time that I search. If you don't use swagbucks during week, be sure to use it a few times at least on Fridays because that is Mega Swagbucks day, and you get 'bucks' towards buying online gift cards and other things. All of the coupon blogs (gals) use swagbucks, and they know more about them than me, but that is how they purchase all of their xmas presents is through gift cards they purchase with their 'bucks' on Swagbucks.com. They have gift cards to Amazon, and other places.