Saving money...

Ok so I've been saving Gavin and I money by being a cuttin' couponing fool, and now I'm going to try to save us more money on our childcare. Gavin and I take Harper to Fred Moore Day Nursery School in Denton, and it's very inexpensive. They charge you based on a sliding scale, and we are at the top of the scale paying $120/week for infant care, but that's CHEAP compared to most places. Now if we could afford for me to stay home believe me I would, but since we can't afford that, I don't :(

Well the University of North Texas is providing grant monies for childcare expenses for student (who are parents) at the university. There is an eligibility list, but I found that I am eligible on more than on count, so I am applying. We will see how this goes though. Gavin and I could use every little bit that we can get especially since his car is kind of going down the crapper one breakdown at a time, and we will be due to by a new/used car very soon I feel.

I still haven't gotten my letter in the mail about my financial aid, and everyone around me seems to get getting information about theirs very quickly. It sucks because these students have mommies and daddies who pay for their school/apartment/gas/insurance and all of their other shit (yet they still complain, I'm not getting enough hours ... to support my drinking habit after work, boo hoo) They can just shut their pieholes. Gavin and I make money, but we don't make close to enough. We have no money in our savings, and we are paying on a loan that consolidated our debt for the next 5 years, so suck on that. We need the student loans to pay for my school, text, and well emergencies when they come up, liking getting a 3rd transmission in Gavin's car!!!

Oh well. Life is wonderful with more happy moments than sad, and I'm over it. I am getting the help I need from UNT, whether they want to give it to me or not :)

Signing off!

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