Tuesday... Mmmm.

Just finished a lovely dinner of chicken rice with corn and sweet peas. It was quite delicious. Harper is doing the cutest new things everyday. Right now she is mastering sprinting across the living room. She loves how her shoes sound on the tile, so she stomps around on the tile too. She likes to kick her legs out when she walks, and she likes to gurgle went she is drinking from her sippy cup in the car. These may seem like small things to most folks, but to Harper and me they are a really big deal. She is showing me everyday how intelligent she is. She catches on very quickly to things we show her. She is just a little sponge. Right now we are trying to say words. Harper is very chatty, but it's nothing very intelligible. On occasion, we hear the No, Uh-Ohs, Mama, Dada, Night-Night, but nothing else that we really understand. We get the picture though because she is very good at showing us with her hands things she wants.

She is just so smart, and I am so proud of my little sponge-girl.

Today I got some really good deals are Target. I picked a pack of Luv's diapers, Pampers daipers, 3 pack refill Pampers wipes, 4 corn husks, scrubbing bubble power sprayer, Cesar's doggie treats, and Glade fabric and air freshener, 2 packs of pepperidge farm buns and a bottle of water, all for $17. That's excellent if you ask me. That is the cost of diapers, on sale with regular (not stacked) coupons. It's like I paid for diapers and got everything else practically FREE!

I love this new couponing thing I'm doing. Granted it is very time consuming but I'm saving my family so much money, and well WE NEED THE money. I hope that my review for FA doesn't go badly. I really need FA to pay for school and to help us out a bit while we get regular again with our spending. We start paying on Gavin's medical bills this month and that is a lot on our plates, and it's hard to think about it but we spent over a $100 a week in GAS because of Gavin's shitty car and because of his LONG ASS commute. I wish that we could write that off at the end of the year, that is $5,200 a year in GAS at least!!!

Hm, can you write off Gas? I will check on that.

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