Well Happy New Years to all of my friends and followers out there!! I am back from my 2 week break from work, the internet, school, and well almost everything. I came back a couple times throughout my time off to let you know that I was still alive, and here I am today, still alive, but definitely more like the walking dead :)

Let's just say that coming back to work gave me more anxiety than I anticipated, and well I didn't sleep a wink last night. Not even 10 minutes worth. No dreams, just thoughts all night in the darkness next to my snoring husband, sleeping dog and listening to the whirring of my sleeping girl on the baby monitor.

Oh well. At least I'm alive, and I can be thankful for that today!!

Since this new year is still unwritten, I am going to share with you a few resolutions that I AM going to keep this year and maintain for hopefully the rest of my life :) We'll see how that goes.

I resolve to:
1. Give more of myself and my time to charity
2. Make time to scrap at least 1 LO a week, and keep my scrap room organized
3. Inject my style into my home
4. Help my hubby around the house more
5. Maintain a well-balanced check book, put more in savings and spend less on WANTS
6. Spend more time with my family
7. Do my homework the day I receive it; turn in papers early and study vigorously for upcoming exams (Pull all A's again this year)
8. Put ALL of my tax refund into savings
9. Be more fashion forward
10. Keep the weight off this year and tone my midsection
11. Nurture my current relationships and develop new ones with people I meet
12. Sleep at least 8 hours a night
13. Drink more water and less coke
14. Be more spiritual and communicate more with Him, less talking more listening
15. Post at least 1 project per week whether it be new or old, just something inspiring

Well friends, I hope that you will follow me again this year through the ups and the downs. Through all the projects that I create and share with you, my community of school mates, scrap mates and people I call friends... I am thankful for you this year and next, and I vow to bring more to the table this year than last!!!

Tomorrow I will be sharing a couple projects over at Catch the Moments Kits!! Make sure that you check them out. We have a new forum that is going to be great; please participate!! And all sales will be on a much easier system now through Etsy. Here are all the links:

Catch the Moments Kits - The Blog
Catch the Moments Kits - The Forum
Catch the Moments Kits - The Store

With Love,


Casey Wright said...

Sounds like a good list! I wish you luck in your goals and look forward to getting to know you on the forum! Take care!

Tammy said...

Hope you get some sleep tonight! That is a geat list. Happy New Year.

Gabi said...

Thanks ya'll!! I am looking forward to getting into my bed tonight and catching up on all those lost Zzzz's.