{oh heck}

I'm out of the loop recently because well with all of my time off from work I haven't really been following up too much with the internet. Life is so easy without internet, phones and other stuff! It's amazing and almost prehistoric not checking the computer 100 times a day :)

Well anyway I would like to share a YEAR END sale that is going on over at CTM Kits. Yay, there is a lot of stuff there and cheap, cheap, cheap!!! I am really looking forward to some of the new stuff that Devon will be adding to the store. I can't wait until my LOVE kit and other goodies come in the mail either!!! I am patiently waiting :)

Well I hope that everyone had a super wonderful holiday!! I know that my family had the BEST Christmas ever!!! And we are going to have a swinging new year, can't wait to visit the Gaylord ICE exhibit on New Year's Eve, yay!!!

Well have a super week ya'll and be sure to stock up on some loot over at CTM Kits blog :)

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