{the gift of life and family}

I am inspired today and everyday by the giving of others. For all the bad that there is in this world, there is so much more good. I found this blog today about the gift of a family for special needs children who live across the ocean. This is a very touching story, and I made a small donation, and I will keep giving to find this little girl a home. There is a giveaway on this blog, but I don't personally care about that. I just want all the children of the world to know of love and compassion; to have a family to give them love. Please help this little girl out if you can.

The Most Important Post I've Ever Written - a Perfect Lily


Patti said...

GOD BLESS YOU!!!! thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this. ox Patti

Gabi said...

No thank you Patti for showing me how to give and how important it is to give not only to children in my local community but children around the world; God bless you and yours, and I hope that Olga finds a family soon :)