{feeling good}

I'm feeling really good today despite a few minor let-downs this morning. I'll start with the bad news and end with the good:
--Today Gavin's car didn't start :( I'm glad though that my father in law was generous enough to come and get Harper and me, and let us borrow his car for the day so I was not late to work
--Anatomy final is tonight, and I will be glad to have it over with

Good news:
--I found my new favorite mall to shop at over the weekend: Willowbend in Plano
--Harper got her pictures with Santa this weekend even if she was screaming in the photo, oh well... She'll look back and laugh at those pictures
--I'm feeling fashionably fab today with my booties, leg warmers, herringbone tights, floral tunic and (p)leather jacket :)if the camera on my phone worked I'd post a picture
--Gavin's holiday party was fun even if it wasn't too eventful. Had fun playing 3 card poker (I'm a champ at this game), Black Jack is cool too; I looked awesome in my skirt and top (I will be sharing pictures of this), and well it was just a nice adult evening, while Harper stayed with her Granny and Papa :)
--Spent a portion of Sunday sleeping in then visiting Target, where we spent entirely too much as usual, then we just watched Xmas movies all day together, Harper napped over two hours, so I was able to finish wrapping presents; studied a lot for my final that's today; and then watched the season finale of Boardwalk Empire, and last night's Dexter... OMG I can't wait for the Dexter season finale :) (is it sad that I'm glad that Rita was killed off, she was making Dexter too domesticated...)
--And last but not least, I will be posting some LOs and projects over at CTM blog tomorrow morning, and I am very EXCITED about this. As most of you know this is my first ever design team opportunity, so I am working my hardest to be the BEST designer I can be. With the kits that I've received from Devon I've make 3 one page LOs, 1 two page LO, and 1 Home Decor project (12 Days of Christmas)... teehee!! I have more in the works today. I'm working on something for Scrap That Baby and I used this week's Sketchy Thursday Sketch for one of my LOs, and I LOVE how it turned out. Check out the sketch:

Well that's it for today... Ta, ta for now!

With Love,
Gabi Watson

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Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

So glad your good news outweighs your bad news! Good luck on your final. I had to laugh about your Target shopping trip. We never leave that place without spending way more than intended! But we also keep going back!