{i'm back with awards to give}

Alright ya'll!!!

I'm finally back and in action. It's been kind of crazy at work, so I have very little time for anything personal (like I should be doing anything personal at work, but whatever!). I'm studying for my finals late into the evening every night of the week, during my lunch. I am living, breathing Anatomy 1 right now. First I need to make myself a little list of what I need to accomplish or have to do this week, sadly this will keep me on track because I check out the blog alot!

1. Study for Lab Final, Mentor-ship assignment due 12/2
2. Lab Final tomorrow evening 12/2
3. Marriage & Family quiz due Thursday 12/2
4. Study for Anatomy Final 12/2-12/5
5. Gavin's holiday party Friday night 12/3
6. Harper's holiday recital Saturday morning 12/4
7. Taking pictures with Santa Saturday evening at Willow Bend 12/4
8. Scrapping/Studying Saturday night 12/4
9. Church on Sunday, then studying the rest of the day while taking care of Harper 12/5
10. Monday night Anatomy Final 12/6
11. Read for finals 12/6-12/10
12. Breast sonogram 8 AM on Tuesday 12/7
13. Complete career assignment by Thursday 12/9
14. Final quiz for Marriage & Family 12/9
15. Slop Crop and Final Exam for Intro due 12/11
16. Final Exam for Marriage & Family due 12/13

And the award goes to:
1. Shannon Bogan - Chicken Scratch
2. Elizabeth Kartchner - Dear Lizzy
3. Monica Coffman - Yep, I'm a ScrapFREAK
4. Stephanie Howell - Just Me, My Soldier and 4 Little Chicks
5. KariAnn Sweeney - It's a Wonderful Life
6. Diana - Designs by Diana
7. April Foster - Goodbye City Life
8. Kandis Smith - My Creative Treasury

Congrats to you all, and thank you Mary for my nomination!!


Diana Fisher said...

Thank you so much for nominating me!! You are too sweet!

You sound busy!!! :) Love the list.

Gabi said...

Yes, very busy! And you are very welcome! I always love reading your blogs :)

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Wow, you are busy! Bet it will feel great to eventually get all of that checked off!