{my big break}

Hey ya'll. I'm still alive :) Just spending some much needed quality time with my girl, my man and my scrapbook room :) I've reorganized everything from my scrap desk to organizing my papers (card stock and patterned) by color. Amazing I know. With the help of my very good friend Nancy, I was able to complete two Christmas projects (that are gifts) for my brother and sister in law's families. I hope they will like them because well... I want to keep them both and put them in my house! LOL Today while Daddy takes Harper out on an excursion, mommy is going to buy some ink for the printer, and I am going to start on two big projects (that are also gifts) for my parents and my parent in loves :)

I will share pictures of the finished projects after Xmas is all said and done and look forward to a post on CTM from me on January 3rd, whoopie!

With Love,
Gabi Watson

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