{forgive me}

Hey folks,

I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. I've just been busy with trying to enjoy life, study hard, working at a new job, and being a tiny bit overwhelmed with everything.

I am here to update everyone on what has been happening in my life in 10 bullet points:

- I started a new job with the College of Education, and I love it. - The house is still on the market. Someone looked at it yesterday, but we've basically given up hope that the house will sell, oh well. - I am informally shopping around for new cars for Gavin. Just looking at overall cost, highway mileage, and we are looking at pre-owned cars, bigger bang for a our buck. - School began at the end of August. I'm in 9 hours, so far I'm now drowning, but I am tired of school. - I'm researching the GRE and graduate programs. I'm leaning towards Educational Psychology. - I finally visited with a dermatologist in my area about my ever-growing acne problem. - I know I've mentioned this a month ago, but I am being published in the January 2012 copy of Scrapbook Trends magazine. I'm really excited! - Harper is getting over a sore throat virus this week. - I need to purchase more photo editing software to finish my good friend's baby baptismal photos. I've been displeased with the edits that I did, and I want photoshop, but I need the the time to train myself in the new software before just jumping in. - A very good friend of mine is adopting a sweet little girl from Austin, and I couldn't be more proud of their family. We are pulling items out of our attic for them to borrow with their little girl when they bring her home. She is currently finishing up a stint in the NICU; I am making them a little something special. I'm sure your can guess what it is. I'll post pictures later once I give them their gifts.

And now that I'm done giving updates.... I'll share a couple of lovely pictures that I took and edited of my sweet Harper. She is growing up so quick. Her hair is really long in this photo, but we just lopped it all off at Sharkey's Cuts for Kids in Frisco. It is such a great place for children's haircuts. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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