{tis the season}

Tis the season to be shopping, fa, la, la, la, la-a, la, la, la, la-a :)

I've begun my Christmas shopping this year, and I've taken some steps to make this year's Christmas experience hearty and full, but on a beer budget. Money Saving Mom blogged about the 7 Ways to Save Money and Stay Organized When Shopping for Holiday Gifts; it's a great article. It helped me to make a list of everyone who I'm buying for, or gifts that I'll be making, like for my student employees at my job. Now that I'm a supervisor, I feel obligated to get them a little something. I figure I'll bake them some cookies and give them a gift card to Starbucks or Einstein Bros here on campus, just $5.

Here is my list:
Harper, Shara, Jenna, Brayden, Avery, Kayla, Jack, Adler, Megan, Hannah, Kevin Jr, my parents, Gavin's parents, Stephanie, Chad, Darbi, Wes, donation gifts, 3 student workers, and secret santa for my dad's side of the family.

I've taken down my budget for all the nieces and nephews to $15 each instead of $20 each that we were spending the last few years. Regardless of bringing down my budget, I've been able to save a ton of money, AND still get the same kind of gifts that I got them before.

I've already purchased gifts for Shara, Jenna, Avery, Hannah, and Megan, and I know they will love them. I won't spoil it here though until Xmas, but I hate hold back! I've spent a total of $63 on the 5 of them; that's an average of $12.30 each, and they've got some great gifts (not just one, but multiple gifts, and I'm a little jealous). I love being spend-thrifty!!

Well that's it for now, but in the name of all things holiday since this blurb is about the holidays, I'll share a few Pins that I've found recently that are a bit... spooky, creepy, joyful, and lovely.

1. Halloween is coming up, great free subway art.

2. Ghoulish dancing dresses for the front yard, perfect for the ultimate spooky Halloween

3. Crafty decor or gift idea for Christmas

4. The most perfect holiday dress, picture this with a skinny black belt, black tights, black shoes, and chandelier earings, lovely

5. Same goes for this outfit, black belt, tights, shoes with chandelier earrings. Parfait :)

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson


Anonymous said...

I love your holiday decoration ideas. I really like the dancing ghosts. I usually spend so much money at Christmas time but this year i am going to do things a little differently. Of course ill buy toys for my niece and nephews but for the adults i am going to donate money in their name. I love charitable donation gifts. I just hope every one will be ok with that.

Gabrielle said...

Thanks for the comment Mackenzie! I totally understand. I still make sure that I'm getting the kids gifts that they will love, even if I am saving a bit of money, and I think it's a great idea to donate in the name of someone :) Perfectly selfless idea. I might partake in this same thing this holiday season :) Thanks for the great idea!