{humdrum monday}

Today is just a humdrum Monday for sure. On our ride into work/school this morning, Harper and I met a train that was quite literally a mile long and going 20mph. We sat at the crossing for a good 7 minutes; it was quite long.

Yesterday I purchased a few things from CVS, spent some money, saved some money...

(2) Goldfish, B1G1 free store deal
(2) 5 Gum, B1G1 free CVS coupon (at kiosk)
(2) Pampers Easy Ups 2/$18.00 - 1.50 manu coupon
(1) Huggies Pull Ups 9.00 - $1.50 manu coupon
(2) Tide 5.94 ea - 3.00 (2 x 1.50 manu coupon
(1) Johnson Shampoo $3.00 - .50 manu coupon
(1) Schick Hydro 5 refill $8.79 - 2.00 manu coupon
(1) Cetaphil 8.29 - $1.00 manu coupon
(1) Candy Corn $.99

Out of pocket: 59.71 (including tax)
ECB: 15.99

I admit this wasn't my best, and then I spent $141 at Walmart right after, but I'm stocked up on food for about 3-4 weeks, so hopefully I won't have to buy anymore groceries for a few weeks.

Not much really happened this week. I purchased Photoshop Elements 9, and I'm slowing trying to figure it out. It's much harder than I expected for some reason, so I'm not having loads of fun with it yet. I've downloaded some free actions from TheCoffeeShopBlog, and I got some other free actions from Paint The Moon, both of these sets of free actions work with Creative Suite and PSE9. So for all you budding photogs like me take advantage of these freebies. After I've use these freebies and see how I feel about the actions, I'm thinking about investing in Wonderland 2 Action Pack from Paint the Moon.

Well that's all for now folks, not much else going on these days. I'm waiting on my grade from my Psychology exam. I have a paper to write this week for that class, and I need to read the next chapter for our quiz on Wednesday. I need to start on this week's module in Dash's class.

There was a couple who looked at our home 3 times last week, but they neglected to make us an offer. Our house is in their top 3 though, which is awesome. It's a buyers market, what can we say?

Gavin and I are looking at cars for us. We have our heart set on one of these babies...
2010 Mazda 5, less than 20K miles
Yes it is a mini-mini van, yes it has 6 seats, and yes it all 6 cup holders ;)

Have a great Monday!

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson

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Keshet said...

Good luck with the house sale!