{geepers batman}

I know silly title, right? Wrong! Harper is in love with Batman. She is such a silly girl, a lot like her Daddy. Last night when I finally laid down after a rough night in class, back aches, head aches, and the like... I noticed my sweet angel was snuggled up next to not one, but three Batman figurines all from her Daddy's childhood collection. The other day she even attempted to put the Batman car in the bathtub, but luckily Daddy caught it in time.

More news.... I am 10 weeks pregnant. We got to see pictures of our little one for the first time at our first sonogram. We are super excited, and it's beginning to finally set in. I'm quickly growing out of my pants and in the last few weeks I've jumped from a size 2 to a size 6 from bloating amongst other things... so I invested in a couple pairs of new jeans and some khakis that I can actually button until it's time for maternity pants. I'm trying to avoid maternity as much as I can at this point because I really love form fitting clothing while I'm expecting. I'm very proud of the growing bump that I have. I feel that I'm showing much sooner with this pregnancy than I did with Harper, but I attribute that to the fact that my body has gone through this all once before.

School is wrapping up nicely. I'm done with the two big projects of the semester that I've been dreading; now I am praying each night for a grade of A on each of these assignments so I can lock in yet another 4.0 this semester. I checked my degree plan the other day, and I'm at a 3.504 GPA, so if all goes well I will graduate with honors in the Spring. If my dreams go bust, then I will be pretty depressed for the next semester though. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to school, and I only wish that I had tried a little harder when I was doing my first 30 hours at UNT. But whatever, you live your learn, right?

I haven't had too much time to scrapbook as of late because of my HUGE Research Proposal which ended up being 11 pages long (it was supposed to be 5-7), and because of family activities, but now that this semester is finishing up I'm going to give myself more time to just enjoy my crafting. I wanted to post a couple of layouts that I look at and well.... I just love them for their simplicity and all the lovely white space. That is definitely my style... a lot of white space and almost minimalistic at times, but it's so me.

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