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The most wonderful time of the year! Finals are almost here, and I am so glad to be finishing out this semester with a bang. I'm completing a few extra credit articles on the side, and Gavin is working a lot of overtime to help fill up the bank since we spent a lot for Christmas all in a short amount of time. Yes, I have a wonderful husband!!

Now that this grueling time of the year (finishing up the semester) is coming to a close, I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and family. I am also looking forward to staying up a bit later at night (if PJ allows it) and getting some real scrapbooking done at home.

As most of you know, I designate 1 Saturday a month for cropping, and I love doing that. I pretty much have bag packed always to go, and during the school year sometimes this is the only time that I get to scrap! It's SUCH a travesty; now that I'm going to have SEVERAL weeks off, and I'm ONLY taking 2 classes next semester, I know that I will have GOBS of time to spend doing this hobby that I love so much! Now if only I could sell my house, pay off my student loans, and convince my hubby to let me stay at home then I would HAVE even more time to scrap in my OH so LOVELY scrapbook room.... my mind wanders.

Well I tried to keep this short since I'm at work, but I always get carried away. I'm such a yapper!

Right now I'd love to share with you my very favorite basic scrapbook supplies. I told a young lady who is a bit new to scrapbooking about the tools that you need to start, but I'll share with you the tools that I use each at every time I'm scrapping...

1. Paper Trimmer - Mine is by Fiskars. I like this size because it is portable, and it has a great handle that swings to help cut those 12x12 sheets of patterned paper and cardstock. The replaceable blades are VERY cheap too.

2. Adhesive - I use the Pink Advanced Tape Glider Gun because although it is a splurge at first the tape is very CHEAP (I typically spend $2 a roll), and there is much more adhesive per roll than with other adhesive guns.3. Great Writing Tools - I adore the White Signo Uniball and the Black Ranger Ink Pen. They are both relatively inexpensive, and they each last a long time. Such great pens!

4. Scissors - I have some Fiskars that are big and some little precision point, but my favorites are the Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors. Amazing, and worth every penny with a coupon!5. Paper - Patterned Paper and Solid Cardstock is definitely a necessity when you get into paper crafting. I have some stellar favorite brands, but I always look for a heavy pattern paper and a good textured cardstock. I prefer to keep the neutrals on hand at all times kraft, black, and white. I delve into colored cardstock from time to time. I prefer mine to be textured with a canvas feel or tiny swiss dots. I love me some embossed cardstock.

But that is my swell top 5 basics list! I hope this helps all you future scrappers to know what the must haves are when you start scrapbooking. My next list will be top 5 embellishments you can't design without :)

With Love,
Gabrielle Watson


Izzyb said...

I love and use all these same products. I was late to the party on the ATG and don't know why I waited . It is the best investment!

Pamela said...

Great list! I totally agree. I use a different adhesive, but the rest I have! :)

Gabrielle said...

Yeah ATG is by far my favorite adhesive, but I use others as well when I run low on ATG tape, like 3L and Glue Glider Pro.

Lynn said...

great pix. i love my trimmer. and of course i'm a pen junky.

Jeannie said...

By far the fiskars cutter is my favorite one having gone through 3 so far. The slide blade kind are my favorite but my previous one the blad would jiggle back and forth giving an uneven warbly cut. This orange fiskars just feels very solid and stationary with hits rubber feet. I was lucky enough to have gotten it for 10 bucks recently in a cyber monday sale. I highly recommend that product as well :) As for the rest of the list, I own the atg gun and do love using it as well. I dont' find the adhesive though as permanent and strong as rolls of sticky tape have been for me. I found an inexpensive place to buy tape on tapedepot.com