1 day till the Weekend

It's busy this time of year at work, and on top of that my mind is busy, busy, busy!!

Today at work I am going to finish all of my tracking, and I am going to finish the newsletter for Dr. Beck's allied health students.

At lunch today I will be speaking to a class of my peers about juggling parenthood, my studies, my job and my personal life outside of school. My good friend and coworker is a Teaching Fellow. She teaches a Child Development course every semester, and she has ask ME to speak to her class. Wow! This will be the first time I talk to a group of folks (especially my own age). I hope that I don't mess up or say a curse word or something out of character! :)

This weekend I am going to do my About Me LO for the challenge blog Scrap The Moments. I found a LO onlne, and I am going to scraplift her idea. Here is the LO that I plan to scraplift .... Thirty-Two Favorites at 32 by Shannon Bowman.

I will post my LO when I am done. I think you guys will like it. Mine won't be exactly like hers, but it will be very close :) I can't wait!!

Also tonight after lab, I need to do my power point for my Personal Development class, and I need to read for all of my other classes!! I have an exam next week, so I need to print off my quizzes to study! Yipe!!

I'm out for now. Moving my computer around at work today. This is should be fun!

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

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