{new favorite store}

Thanks to Elizabeth Kartchner (my scrappy idol) -- I have a new favorite store. It is definitely right up there with Forever 21. I love this online shop because it has hints of Anthropologie's vintage boutique style but without the SUPER high price tag. I love the look book because I can really see how they used the clothing, layering, etc. Because of this website I have found 2 pairs of boots that I can't live without and I simply can't spend another day in my life without this sweater dress. I have the perfect long sleeved shirt to wear underneath, and I will have the perfect boots and tights after Xmas, and I know I could pair a cute scarf with it when I find one at a thrift store or something. I love VINTAGE BOUTIQUE anything. They have uber great deals on shoes, jewelry, purses, and other accessories :)

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