{giving thanks}

Before I rest my head, I wanted to wish everyone a very merry and happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life. I am so grateful for a wonderful family, good health, a good job, good friends, and well everything, everyday. I am very richly blessed in this life, and I would have it no other way.

So goodnight to my friends and followers, I am thankful to you as well for taking a moment to check out my blog, for inspiring my creativity, and for your generous support. Thanks Catch the Moments for all the great Thickers too :) Oh, and if I don't blog again before Monday it's because I'm too buy catching up on sleep after staying up all night in honor of Black Friday, yipee!!

Merci et bon soir!

With Love,
Gabi Watson

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

sent you a blog award! come check it out!