{dallas world aquarium and perfect weekend}

Gavin's 27th birthday is this Thursday, and we celebrated this weekend by taking the family to the Dallas World Aquarium. To those of you who've never been to this place, it is a wonderful rain forest like habitat. Some of the animals and birds are domesticated and run free, and the whole bottom floor is a pretty good sized aquarium and it is just neat-o!! Harper had way too much fun!! Well we all had a blast. Our favorite animals were definitely the Sloth, Giant River Otters, Anteater, this little Monkey that was crawling around and the Tree Kangaroo. The Shark & Ray tunnel was REALLY cool too! Enjoy the pics!

Also this weekend was extra special because we spent time as a family decorating the house for Christmas!! It was really a magical weekend despite the fact that I didn't study at all (like I should've) and Gavin wrote a paper :( - We always make time for fun family stuff and getting in the holiday spirit was just what we needed :) There are some pics above of us getting the living room ready for the tree! Yipee! I love Christmastime!!

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