{is is lunch yet}

Ok, so my two fave parts of the day are 1) lunch and 2) end of the workday

Haha, who knew?

Nothing much too exciting is going on today. I am just working on stuff at work. During lunch I'll be studying form my exam in Sociology of Marriage and Family. Tonight after Harper goes sleepy-bye then I will will take one last glance over my notes and take my exam. After my exam I will start working on my studies for my Anatomy Exam in a few weeks. I need to reread the chapter over Neural Tissue, and I need to read about the gross anatomy of the Spinal Cord, the Reflex Arc, the gross anatomy of the Brain, the lobes/sections of the brain & what they control, and tons of other junk about the brain and disorders/diseases Disconnection Syndrome, etc.

Fun stuff. But it really interests me... Anatomy & Physiology interests me just as much as Scrapbooking!! Haha, then I need to read for my Intro class, and I am meeting my cousin Candice for lunch tomorrow! I am very excited about this. It's odd to think that we are both grown ups now. When we were kids we used to play together for a few hours, and then we would get totally tired of each other and nit-pick and fight about little things. I think all kids are that way though.

I love her, and I am so happy to share lunch with her!

My Slop Crop (monthly crop) is this Saturday! I SOOOO can't wait!! I am going to play with my Catch the Moments kits and make something fabulous that I think you will all like and maybe incorporate during this holiday season!!

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ScrapinFunatic said...

can't wait to see what you have to create Love you bunches!!!!