Personal Quote & Wednesday Rumblings

"I don't eat anything that lives in a shell"
-Gabi Watson

Okay so that is my personal quote for today. Last night I could not bring myself to work on any homework. I had to make a copy of my test, so that I could fill in the right answers, and I finished with the essay and fill in the blank part yesterday at lunch, but after we laid Harper down (took us a while), I was just kaput! I really needed to catch up on some Zzzz's since the night before I was up late (til 1 AM) finishing my paper for my anatomy class.

I'm usually in bed no later than 10 or 11 (on nights when I have tons of homework). Today is hump day, thank goodness!! I've been ready for the weekend since Monday. My agenda this week:

--Finish my test corrections
--Finish reading about Neural Tissue
--Read about the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System
--Read and do power point for Personal Development course
--Read Chapter 3 for Intro and Read Topics 10 & 11
--Read Chapter 9 & 10 in Marriage class and take quiz over Chapter 10

That is it for this week. Not so bad, just a TON of reading and getting caught up.

This Saturday I have a mandatory class for my scholarship. It will be over Couponing and Bargain Hunting for families with children. Then Gavin will get off of work right after that, and we will drive to the Dallas World Aquarium with Harper in tow to celebrate Daddy's 27th birthday!! I can't believe that Gavin and I have been together for 5 years already! It is quite amazing. We got married when he was 22, and I was 20. It is just really bizarre! Doesn't really seem like it's been that long.

Next weekend is my SLOP CROP, and I REALLY can't wait for this!! I need the mental beak from all of my school anguish, and my stress over what this lump in my breast could be!! I'm trying to put on a happy face really, but I am getting myself psyched out. I don't get it checked out till January because the oncologist is REALLY booked! I'm just scared, and I am most scared for my family. I could care less what I have really, but I am just scared that there is a day when I may not be able to take care of my family, and it just brings me to tears. Lately I've cried at least a little every morning, usually in the shower, when I am feeling the lump to make sure that it hasn't grown or developed any spicules. Yikes!

I am happy for the stress from school because if it weren't for that taking my mind off things and my LOVELY scrapbooking hobby and sweet family keeping my spirits up I would be all MUSH all the time!

I just have such a wonderful life. I'm not going to let this little thing get me down.

On another note... I registered for my Spring classes, and I am currently enrolled for:
-- Anatomy & Physiology II (2 nights/wk)
-- Elementary Statistics (T/R lunch)
-- Child Development (online)
-- Quantitative Data Collection (M/W/F lunch)

You may be wondering when I am going to eat since I have class during my lunch everyday... well I will get over that hurdle when I get there. I guess I just have to bring a lunch to work and just eat before I leave or after I get out of class; we'll see ;) It's not like I need any food anyway.

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